Cause And Effect Of Verbal Abuse

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I grew up in an abused family in a small neighborhood that consisted of a bunch of heroin, crack addicts, prostitutes, and gang members and I never really learned what it meant to just be a kid. When people think of domestic violence, they often think of an injured or bruised woman who has been brutally assaulted by her partner. However, not all abusive relationships involve violence. Verbal abuse is the main abuse that will be discussed in this research paper. Just because you’re not assaulted does not mean you’re not battered. Many women suffer from verbal abuse, which is no less devastating.
Many people agree that gender inequality does not exist in the U.S. and indeed is an illusion; a fabrication of a person’s imagination, yet emotional
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I am more aware of the actions I take today, knowing that not only do my actions, words, and gestures speak for themselves and can have an lasting effect on someone. Actually, people should be more aware and alert to the harm done during not only physical and emotional abuse. Obviously, physical abuse is more known to society than emotional abuse. Even though physical abuse is more publicly known to society, which does not mean it is more harmful to a human being. Since verbal abuse is just another form of abuse my experience is that most women who had experienced emotional abuse, just tried to hide the problem and try not to talk about it, just like the victims of domestic violence. Regretfully, my behavior and attitude toward her, undoubtedly, was wrong. Verbal and domestic violence abusers are usually people who have control issues. Here this form of control is when their behavior exerts control over other people, which is learnt as a child and as a means to getting what they want. Pursuing this further, I strongly believe, conflict theory is one of the most appropriate models that can be used to understand gender violence. According to the conflict theory, the society that we live in is in a continual state of conflict, verbal abuse will occur, because of the need for one of the partners to feel more in control. Perhaps because I still had feelings for her yet my behavior almost caused her to commit suicide. Undeniably, today’s youth, look to men as role models, and men look to other men to define what it means to be a man. So if we allow emotional abuse to continue, when someone yells at his wife or girlfriend, then teenagers and other men will take that example as

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