Domestic Abuse Relationships

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Last weekend my best friend, Heather and I were in her room catching up on life. She was telling me about her relationship with her boyfriend Victor. They have been together for almost two years. Victor was only her second boyfriend therefore she wasn 't as experienced as the average eighteen year old now a days. I knew that he was super sweet and that he would go to the moon and back if she asked him to. They loved each other very much and they both had full commitment to each other. But that night she was telling me how he was getting very controlling. His jealousy was also getting out of hand. He would get mad when she spent her Friday nights with me or other friends, instead of him. The random visits were cute at first, but after a while they got annoying. They also showed a lack of trust from him. A few …show more content…
Once the abuser is comfortable, or in his zone, he begins harming his or her partner. One would assume that there can only be male abusers because they tend to be the dominant person in a relationship. Statistics show that about two in five men are victims of domestic violence (Campbell). A lot of times the victim is also afraid to speak up as well. They can also be too "in love" with their partner that they even think that they will harm them. When the male victims report their abuse, they are most likely not to be believed by police and media. Another problem is that people lack respect for others and themselves. No one wants to see a society where boys grow up with the mistaken belief that it is more 'masculine ' to bully or sexually abuse. No one wants young girls growing up believing that abuse is normal, or that they have to accept sexual coercion or violence in a relationship (Cooper). The solution would be to educate teenagers about the signs and the steps leading into an abusive relationship so that they can get out of one before it is too

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