Arguments For Becoming Vegetarian

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“People are generally intimidated when we spout arguments for becoming vegetarian” (Smith A13). People have different perspectives about food. Some people have a preference for eating vegetables instead of meat. While, others prefer meat as their main dish for dinner. As an alternative, there are people who eat both meat and vegetables. However, people who eat mostly vegetables and fruits are known as vegetarians. On the other hand, others prefer to eat meat and are considered as meat eaters. Some vegetarians won’t eat meat because they blame humans for killing animals in slaughter houses and extinguish them. On the other hand, meat eaters are against eating vegetables because they would not consider themselves as "rabbits". These two groups …show more content…
It is probable for everybody to know the reason why meat eaters can develop diseases easily because meat contains a lot of substances that can damage humans. For example, “Although humans are capable of digesting meat, human anatomy clearly favours a diet of plant foods” (Five myths 11). The newspaper explains that people were not made to eat meat. Therefore, meat eaters should consider more their health and make an attempt to change their diet. Most people would be surprised to know this fact about meat being dangerous in our bodies. It is necessary for the people who eat meat to be aware of health problems. Moreover, many people are not inform about meat and its effects. Health problems can be prevented if people get notify about it. In the contrary, vegetarians are less likely to get diseases than meat eaters. For instance, “Vegetarians and vegans had 50% lower mortality from pancreatic cancer and cancers of the lymphatic or hematopoietic tissue” (Dey 1). A statistic was used to show how vegetarians have less risk than meat eaters to acquire cancer. Also, researchers have found other diseases that vegetarians don’t get very often. For example, “Past research shows that vegetarian Adventists have a lower risk of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and high cholesterol and blood pressure” (Zimmerman 9). Most of the diseases mentioned by Zimmerman can cause death and heart attacks. Vegetarians are not as vulnerable as meat eaters to contract diseases because they prevent themselves from eating meats. As a result from avoiding meat, they can have longer life. On the other hand, meat eaters have a more chance to get all those diseases that can 't be cured easily. For instance, “While classification of red meat was based on limited evidence, in case of processed meat the agency found "sufficient evidence" suggesting that consumption of processed meat causes

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