Varsity Football Team: A Short Story

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Coach Sullivan blew the whistle, signaling the end of practice. His high school Varsity football team trotted passed the imposing six-five muscular frame Coach as they headed towards the Locker Room. However, there was one exception his star quarterback: Tony Cazzo.

Tony Cazzo snuck up behind Coach Sullivan, where the quarterback gave his Herculean Coach a prankish smack on his firm protrusive butt. The astonished Coach looked back towards Cazzo, who was walking backwards. Coach Drew felt he was under scrutiny by Cazzo, who grinned like a Chester cat.

“Nice practice, Coach. I’ve got a favor to ask you, but for later. After I hit the shower, “ Tony spoke, and continued, “I don’t want to offend you. Cuz my junk needs a good wash.”
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Those hardening nipples being exposed, just perfect for playing. Damn, Coach was a hot ass mother, Tony thought and continued to himself, Let me give him a show.

Cazzo, knew what he was getting into. This all-star quarterback was destined for greatness, and to wanted to get the fuck far away from Wildwood’s preying eyes. Life here wasn’t always as it appeared, Besides, being gay here was a major sin.

So, in this his Senior year, Tony had a secret pledge to himself: To fuck-the-shit-out of any willing jock ass that crossed his path on the playing field. This quarterback had screwed his fair share of jock asses unbeknownst to Coach Sullivan and his Father, and to his teammates.

Incredibly handsome, olive-skinned muscles, and a natural on the field, Tony Cazzo was used to getting what he wanted. Even when it meant fucking his rival opponents asses, their mascot or hunky marching band members, Praise the Lord for saxophone players!

These were even better than Wildwood’s, Tony thought to himself, besides, they would pack-up and leave to their dismal lives miles away.

Why not show them how we do here at St Thomas

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