Essay on Vampirism And Romanticism

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I have selected the theme(s) of vampirism and romanticism to represent strategies in which the mode Twilight has been portrayed. Twilight is portrayed in film and novel which defines and summarizes the difference in nature and tone of the two pieces. Namely the two pieces reveal how the protagonist acts and reacts, the visual display against textual perception, and the abbreviated conversations. Throughout this paper the reader will be able to detect contextual clues to allow one to relate the novel and film to the two chosen modes.
The reasoning for the chosen modes vampirism and romanticism are that they are closely related in term of the particular subject vampire romance and are in fact key factors in the novel and film. Romanticism and Vampirism are quite popular among teenagers today, mainly teenage girls. In almost every story made for the teenage girl population presents a wicked love story involving a vampire and a human which the plot has some weird twist to it. As for the chosen modes it usually involves two main characters who fall in love and since one is a vampire there is something standing between relations. Vampires are forbidden to love humans which makes the story far more interesting. Readers are drawn in by the fact of vampire and love that it allows them to draw clues about what will happen next. In Vampirism novels or films the author allows one to fall for another and are forced to face each other in an evil spirit rather than a loving spirit to the…

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