Values Of A Nuclear Family

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A family is a union between either two or one parents and children living together which can be either nuclear or extendent involving many family members. My family is a nuclear family involving me, my husband and our two children whereby my husband has power over the family. The family seems to be under going through stress but for the most part it has everything under control. My daughter, who is ready to graduate and move out of the house is more overwhelmed. She’s working every day to make sure that she is taking care of herself. Taking care of the bills has been quite a challenge for my husband and my son, who is a teenager has being challenged with peer pressure, but despite of that, he has been extremely disciplined. Lastly, as the mother of the family, handling house welfare has proven to be continuously a challenge but luckily it has not be overwhelming. …show more content…
I have seen the same trend manifest in my nuclear family today though not as hard as it was with my in law family. The values I have learnt through my former and current family is respect for one another, obedience as well as patience which I do hold highly and practice it in my daily life. I fully agree with these values as they have helped me in my family whereby respect for one another reigns in my household. Our children are very respectful, and we can reason together with no issues. I have also held patience highly and it has helped me a lot especially when we work on our long term goals, it has always allowed us to have what we agree on

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