Vaccines Cause Autism Essay

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Vaccines are widely known as one of the most prominent, public health mechanisms ever invented. Despite the popular belief that vaccines are extremely beneficial for children that receive them, anti-vaccinationists claim that some vaccines correlate with the neurological disorder autism. There have been two controversial claims trying to relate childhood vaccinations to autism. Both claims presented can seem convincing at first but can easily be found falsifiable upon research. To fully understand why the claim vaccines cause autism is pseudoscience, it is important to examine the history of vaccinations and to analyze both scientific claims presented.
The first scientist to introduce viruses to the scientific world was Louis Pasteur. Although Pasteur was the first to introduce the concept of a virus, Dr. Edward Jenner developed the first vaccination. The smallpox vaccination was considered to be
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However, once an individual completely breaks down as well as analyzes the claims made by the anti-vaccinationists group and Andrew Wakefield it is easily proven that vaccines do not correlate with autism. Because of the public’s misconception on the danger of vaccines, many children are not vaccinated every year. Ultimately, the pseudoscience behind the idea that vaccines cause autism has resulted in unnecessary fear among parents and unnecessary outbreaks of viruses that could have easily been prevented. After the outbreak of scared parental communities, Andrew Wakefield retracted his statements, which only supported the unreliability of this information and once thimerosal was removed from immunizations, cases of autism in children continued to rise because of our further enhancement on our knowledge of autism. In conclusion, vaccines do not contribute to a child’s development of

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