Vaccine History

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Will you vaccinate your child or let them die from a preventable disease? “Vaccines were used as early as 1000 AD”( Since they have been around for a very long time they probably are very useful. “The first vaccine in the United States was in 1721 when Cotton Mather encouraged vaccination in response to an outbreak of smallpox”( According to, the first smallpox vaccine was invented by Edward Jenner and was used for over two hundred years. This vaccine saved many lives over the years. The first state in the United States that favored vaccine usage and wanted everyone to use vaccines was Massachusetts. In 1855 Massachusetts passed the first United States law for vaccinations in schools( According to news-medical, some proponents of vaccines report that it is one of the greatest public health developments of the twentieth century. …show more content…
Then the immune system produces the correct antibodies to fight off the virus in order to make your child better( Vaccines have a disabled virus in them that causes the immune system to create antibodies to attack the virus and fight it off. Then when the child gets the disease it will be fought off as quickly as possible ( Vaccines help to maintain a child’s health and eliminate many childhood diseases. Vaccinations should be mandatory for all children around the world because there are thousands of harmful diseases, children can spread their diseases by going to school, and there are numerous consequences for not vaccinating a child. Vaccines were founded many years ago, and they have prevented many harmful

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