Vaccinations And Its Effects On The Immune System Essay

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A majority of the population believe that vaccinations have a chance of diagnosing them with other diseases or unwanted side effects that could hinder them. There are both issues with taking vaccinations and avoiding vaccinations.

Biological background
Immunizations prevent people from being diagnosed with certain diseases for a limited time, overtime, scientists have discovered that immunizations have carried side effects with them, resulting in

Sub issue 1 - Can vaccines bring harm to the immune system?
Some vaccinations do bring side effects, allergies or unintended effects, these include: slight redness at the sight of injection, fevers (Anon, Immunization Reactions.Seattle Children 'S Hospital: World-Class Child Healthcare. Available from: These are more common affects, more rare side effects include paralysis and sometimes death. Most people believe that taking a vaccination or two will “safely” prevent them from contracting or being diagnosed with a certain disease, but they do not realise that vaccinations are potentially life threatening. Making things worse, most of the incidents containing deadly side effects are covered up and hidden from the public.

In the late 1970s, the swine flu immunization debacle occurred. The swine flu was predicted to sweep around the world, killing and maiming like the black plagues of the Middle Ages. An unprecedented massive…

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