Importance Of Vaccination And Immunizations

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According to Kathleen Berger, immunizations alone have a huge impact on the survival rates of our society versus any other public health measures besides our clean drinking water (Berger 107).
Vaccination and Immunizations are considered interchangeable terms and can mean the exact same thing. The definition of both is defined as “A process that stimulates the body’s immune system to defend against attack by a particular contagious disease” (Berger 107). In 1796, an English doctor by the name of Edward Jenner administered what we know today as the very first vaccination. Edward Jenner hypothesized that a disease called cowpox could have immunity against smallpox. Jenner tested his hypothesis on an 8-year-old little boy named James Phipps by
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To help decrease the number of different injections one has to endure in each office visit, combination shots have been introduced to aid in this process (Skibinski, Dr. David). For example, under the trade name Pediarix®, you will get the combination of DTaP, HepB, IPV (Skibinski, Dr. David). This combination will assist in the prevention of 5 total illnesses including diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis b, and polio. This is a great benefit for everyone because of the modernized approach with few vaccines. In addition to Pediarix®, there are a few more with the same goals in mind such as Kinrix™, Pentacel™, Boostrix™, and Adacel™ (Skibinski, Dr. David). With the introduction of combination vaccines, there are a great number of potential benefits that will make this process very appealing. First, the infants would endure fewer injections at each doctor’s visit (Skibinski, Dr. David). This would decrease the amount of pain and trauma they would feel when getting their shots. Another potential benefit is that most of the recommended vaccinations would be completed on time without the worry of missing one (Skibinski, Dr. David). I know it can be sometimes difficult keeping up with your child’s records and the vaccine’s they’ve had, but with the option of combination shots, you can stay on top of their schedule and

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