Utilitarianism In Modern Society

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Register to read the introduction… Utilitarianism was first developed in the nineteenth century by ‘‘the great utilitarians,’’ whom Rawls lists as David Hume, Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, and John Stuart Mill (1998). Utilitarianism basically speculates that a “just society” is one that is based on accomplishing the peak of happiness or goodness for the largest part of the population. A utilitarianism society must look for ways to achieve this process while maintaining the balance and not disturbing the status in place. If there was a way to start a society using this method than it would make it easier to find out what makes everyone happy plus what if fair and just for our society as a whole not just for our own wants and needs. Everyone would be equal. Meaning, no one person would be better in status or financially wealthier than the next. John Rawls rejected this saying it was a radical political idea and that this approach could override the rights of minorities. In modern day society, this could not happen because we as humans are not born equal. From our looks to our intelligence, we are all different so the hope that everyone could be equal would never happen. People are born wanting and needing different things most are things not just given by society but those we have to achieve on our own. It is the same way with the criminal justice system. Until a set of law and sentencing

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