Essay on Using The Computer Applications Will Make Things Go Slower

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This second program that I installed functions help when navigating the web due to the fact that it had real-time protection. Whenever you go on a site that can infect your computer it will stop it and you won’t be able to access it. This program also gives you the function to check your registry for any errors. Your computer files and whenever you plug an external device to the computer it will scan it to see if it’s infected or not. You will be able to get all of these services for free. This program scan process takes a while due to the fact that it scans your computer and you won’t be able to do much on it while it is running. Using the computer applications will make things go slower. Figure 7: Anvi Smart Defender 2.5 [Screenshot by Rogelio Ramirez]
3.2.3 IObit Malware This next program is free of charge; the end user will be able to get it from their website. It is only a Anti-malware program and will only scan for malware. It doesn’t come with real-time protection so you will not be able to know if you are on a dangerous site. It comes with a strong uninstaller, so you will be able to remove any program that you don’t need. It checks your computer drivers and will update the drivers that are out of date. This will come in handy when you are someone who does not check their drivers. This will help you by installing the most recent drivers so your computer will be able to perform at its best capacity. Figure 8: OIbit Malware Fighter [Screenshot by Rogelio…

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