Using Speaking / Listening, Reading, And Writing Essay

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When providing lessons in English Language Arts, teachers should include activities that encourage verbal collaborations, reading, and writing aspects. Moreover, these should be done with accommodations for any student with English language barriers based off of individual skills levels (Hardman, Drew, & Egan, 2013). Using Speaking / listening, reading, and writing activities in lessons is important, because they are all forms of producing and processing information with language; which would cater to any learning styles or skill levels students may have.
Classroom discussions give students the chance to share their thoughts or voice their concerns about topics orally; while also giving students the opportunity to absorb information by listening; however, not every student has the same level of English language proficiency (Hardman, Drew, & Egan, 2013). This is why teachers need to be aware of each students ability’s so that they can be sure to use language and phrased understandable by their students; while also being aware of student response abilities (Diaz-Rico, 2013). Depending on a student’s English language proficiencies a student may not be able to adequately word or phrase what they wish to express.
Reading portions of assignments help to build understanding of writing structures and provides a visual organization of information. Though just as English native speakers have to learn phonics, so to do English as a second language students (Hardman, Drew, &…

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