Essay on Using Solid Liquid Extraction The Fat Trimyristin

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Introduction: Using solid-liquid extraction the fat trimyristin was successfully isolated from nutmeg. Using a chemical reaction called hydrolysis the isolated trimyristin was converted to myristic acid.

Background: Solid-liquid extractions are common in everyday life and are important in a chemistry laboratory because they involve the separation of an individual compound from mixtures. Using solid-liquid extraction, which separates compounds based on solubility. Trimyristin was isolated from nutmeg using diethyl ether because trimyristin is a nonpolar compound that readily dissolves in diethyl ether, which has a low polarity. To concentrate the solution containing trimyristin distillation was used, which separates compounds based on boiling point. The diethyl ether has a much lower boiling point than trimyristin. The concentrated solution was the then filtered using gravity filtration to isolate the solution from the nutmeg. Methanol, which is a polar solvent, was added to the diethyl ether solution, which caused the trimyristin to precipitate out of the solution. To collect the precipitated trimyristin the solution was filtered using a B├╝chner funnel vacuum filtration system, which removed the diethyl ether, methanol and any soluble organic compounds. After isolating trimyristin from the nutmeg it was allowed to dry for accurate weighing and part two of the experiment, which was the preparation of myristic acid, by hydrolysis. A small amount of trimyristin was used for…

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