Essay about Using Quota Sampling Methods For Conduct Effective Studies

800 Words Oct 12th, 2016 4 Pages
Conducting social research is an important part of the growth of logical thinking to answer questions involving human interactions. Furthermore, offer an understanding of the dynamics of day-to-day life in the modern world. As a result, it is necessary to practice proper sampling methods to conduct effective studies. Therefore, when designing a study to measure public opinion regarding police use of force, using quota sampling would be the logical choice to use for this study. Referring back to class notes, this non-probability sampling method, in particular, takes on people to divide them into groups in order to fill in quotes. One of the many reasons why a researcher would choose quota samples is that it allows that person to sample a smaller group that would add interest to their study such as race, sex, etc. The second reason is this type of sampling is ideal if the study aims to investigate specifics such as traits or characteristics of a certain subgroup. Furthermore, the third reason is researchers have the ability to control the number of participants in each quota. Considering those three reasons, quote sampling would be great with this study seeking to measure public opinion regarding police use of force. It would enhance this study by adding the different perspectives from adolescent and of age males and females in the African-American and the Caucasian community. Overall, this non-probability sampling method would combine diversity and significance in this study…

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