Essay about Using Exploratory Cross Sectional Survey Research Design

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This chapter explains the methods, techniques and instruments used in this research work. It also explains the method used in collecting and analyzing data. Items explained herein under include the research design, population of the study, sample size and sampling technique, administration of data collection instruments, procedures for processing collected data and a complete reference for all works consulted.
A researcher uses research design to serve as a scheme or a blueprint for data collection, and to help him know how the variables will be observed, controlled or manipulated to generate necessary primary data for the study (Asika, 2001:27).
This research work uses exploratory cross-sectional survey research design for the purpose of obtaining data to enable the researcher test the research hypotheses. This method explores the relationship between variables in the population by selecting an unbiased sample and generalizing the findings on the entire population. The method is quite suitable for our study, because the study seeks to discover the relationship between internal controls system and corporate survival in the Banking Industry. As explained by Asika (2001:29) one major characteristics of all survey designs is lack of control. The researcher is interested in observing what is happening to sample subjects or variables without any attempt to manipulate or control them. Descriptive research design, which is a variant of survey design,…

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