Essay about Using A Cell Phone With Cell Phones

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There has also been a shift in the manners associated with cell phones. There is a general gray area of uncertainty when it comes to the proper time to use a cell phone now. They can be seen whipped out at doctors’ offices, schools, restaurants, in cars, when crossing the street: everywhere. Students take them out while a teacher is instructing important material because obviously a Facebook notification is more important than their education. A patient may have cancer but they’ll put the doctor on hold because it’s impossible to put their best friend’s call on hold. Sure they may be driving but nobody else’s life is more important than the text that cannot wait another 15 minutes. An article in the New York Times displayed this disconnect using the story of a family who could not remove themselves from their devices. Before they went on a family vacation, the members of the Campbell family swore that they would not use their technology on the trip but that promise was not kept and the lure of their devices was too difficult to resist so the family barely spoke to each other (Richtel “ Attached to Technology” A1). Mr. and Mrs. Campbell’s marriage was suffering due to their excessive technology use and their family as a whole was not interacting with one another as much. This is not an isolated case, however, as many families are the same way. People regard their phones higher than their own lives and the lives of others and, as a result, don’t understand when it is…

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