Using Cell Phones While Driving

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Although laws have been passed to prevent drivers from texting, the people look over them and continue to put themselves at risk for accidents. In the article “driving us to distraction” written by Gilbert Cruz, the senior editor at, writes that a national survey from 2008 revealed that approximately 63% of drivers planned to follow through with laws against using cell phones while driving (Par 8). Drivers very clearly are distracted while using their cell phones. The use of cell phones while driving can cause harm to individuals, as well as themselves, because they are not paying attention, their reaction time is decreased and they are unable to correctly operate a vehicle. Cell phone use can be helpful while driving. For example, …show more content…
Using a cell phone can limit reaction time to sudden scenarios greatly. McNabb informs his readers that the use of the Facebook application on a cell phone increased reaction time on average about 0.4 seconds. It also increased the number of time the individual veered from the lane and the amount of time that was spent with their eyes off the road. These results seemed to reappear when looking at instant messaging as well (Par 5).This is most likely accurate because individuals cannot react as fast when they suddenly must look up and access the situation at hand. By using cell phones while driving, the driver is forced to look away from the road if an individual is texting and a pedestrian is crossing the road, they have to look up to see them. If they are looking down at their phone they are slowly diminishing the time they have to react and stop the vehicle. However if the individual is already looking up they can react as soon as possible and try to look for the best solution to prevent collision. Also, by not using a cell phone, it allows for the best possible escape route. McNabb also explains that cell phone use is a major source of distraction when we are commuting and it has been documented that the use of smart phones can be a cause of accidents for pedestrians, cyclists, and, the driver. (Par 1) the driver needs to have a less egocentric mind when it …show more content…
Multitasking is nearly impossible while driving because driving a car takes so much attention. Although there is no exact way to correlate exactly how many car accidents nationally are caused by texting, David Strayer, a psychology professor at the University of Utah, estimates that “only 2% of people are able to safely multitask while driving.” (Cruz Par 2). According to this statistic each individual driver has a very large chance of being part of the 98% of the population that cannot actually do two things at once, such as driving and using a cell phone at once. In the article "The Effects Of Text Messaging During Dual-Task Driving Simulation On Cardiovascular And Respiratory Responses And Reaction Time" written by Andrew Park, a religious author, states that “There is a limit to how much sensory information the brain can perceive and process at a given time” (Par 1). By distracting your brain with other stimulus you don’t allow yourself to properly operate a vehicle. Your brain can only do so much at one time and if you put its focus towards your cell phone, less time is available to be spent running the car properly. When people are distracted they tend to focus on the visuals straight ahead and not the things the pop up in their peripheral line of view. According to Park, “Simply conversing

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