Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communications Essay

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LHS1 - Use and develop systems that promote communications

Outcome 1 – Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own job role

Effective communication in my role as Business Manager is important to the business as a whole to create confidence, professionalism and a common goal/service. My role is important as I communicate with staff, service users, their families and friends, as well as professional individuals such as GP’s, District Nurses and Social Workers. I need to be able to communicate in a clear and concise manner at all levels to portray information and instructions timely and accurately. Communication links all working professionals together in order to deliver the best possible care to service
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Service users would also be given opportunities to feed back with questionnaires and monitoring forms to how they rate the service. Communication sheets in the service user folders would be collected and reviewed to ensure staff were following the set plan and identify any issues or concerns that may have been raised.

I would ensure that all concerns and opinions were listened to, investigated and moved forward/resolved in order to gain the best from feedback and review and to encourage further communication from both staff and service users.

Current methods of communication systems that are in use would be the service user files that have their care and support plan, communication sheets, electronic monitoring, complaints and compliments procedures, training and computer software in the office.

All methods are important in ensuring a constant level of service and as such training should be provided to all staff to the importance of reading care plans and how the accompanying paperwork works, why they need to be filled in correctly and then monitoring for compliance.

Service users would need to be made aware of current policy and procedure, such as how to make a complaint if needed so that they feel that if something goes wrong, it can be discussed and a resolution made.

A shortcoming to communication between the office and the

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