Cultural Variability Of Communication And Communication In Social Work

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Culture and communication are inter-related. Hall (1959) believes that "culture is communication and communication is culture" (p. 169). Every culture has its own unique language; language made of beliefs, traditions, ideals and values which is a strong determinant of how one describes an experience and behaves in a situation. Different culture perceives the world in a distinct way, unlike any other culture which forms a language and acts as a means of communication. In the article “Cultural Variability in Communication”, Gudykunst (1997) states that the culture where one is socialized, shapes the way they communicate and the culture they share can be affected over time by the way they communicate. The world is getting smaller, meaning, the countries and communities around the world are connecting and with business globalizations and people travelling places and migrating, different education abroad program, communicating with people of different culture has become a part of people’s day to day life. This diversification of societies has influenced the helping professions in general and more specifically social work in a great extent (Nadan, 2014). The objective of this paper is to explain how culture affects communication while highlighting on the way I incorporate my cultural background in social work practice. …show more content…
“Social workers shall function in accordance with the values, ethics, and standards of the NASW (2008) Code of Ethics. Cultural competence requires self-awareness, cultural humility, and the commitment to understanding and embracing culture as central to effective practice” (NASW, 2015, p. 4). Cross-cultural communication helps broaden the knowledge and deepen the respect for the infinite values and norms of individuals from the diversified social

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