The Bridge To A New America Analysis

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“Diversity itself isn’t enough.” What does this mean? What needs to change? Jim Wallis, a progressive evangelical theologian, sheds some light on the racial injustice in our country by answering these very questions. Through Wallis’ convocation, The Bridge To A New America, he expresses how America’s issue with race is correlated with Christians’ obligation to acknowledge it and take action.
In his speech, Jim Wallis first conveys the inequitable truth of discrimination between African Americans and Whites. Thus illustrating the different reactions of people towards the same physic on two differently colored teenage boys. He tackles different topics such as: “racial geography”, the need for Christians to be “more Christian”, shootings, immigration,
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Wallis gave an example of when a White teenager is big and strong, he is considered “impressive”, while the same physique on an African American teenager would have him labeled “scary”. It can be employed that what society is truly considering “impressive” is the young man’s white skin; and what they find “scary” is the pigment of the other young man that makes him different from the onlooker. Yet, living in a world that thrives off of the diversity and difference, some human’s minds and trust is exclusively bound to their own inner circles. This is how “racial geography” become such a prominent issue. Not only are minds out casting minorities, but our systems have allowed for the communities we form and embrace life with to be …show more content…
Two, dangerous.” Despite the fact that there is nothing inherently more “dangerous” about African American men in comparison to White men, society has given minority men this connotation. It is questionable as to why this is the acceptable norm. Yet, based on the chronological order Wallis has placed the two given characteristics, it is evident that just being African American automatically makes one “guilty” and wrong. “Guilty” implies that a crime was committed, yet all minorities have ever done to receive this judgment was be born. Therefore, their automatic existence, based on this judgement, is an atrocity in itself. Then the aftermath is that they are dangerous. Based on this thinking, it is as if minorities are inherently convicts and then their “dangerous” nature is inevitable. This isn’t something that has all of a sudden appeared. Discrimination and victimization against minorities has been an occurring thing, even amongst those that are sworn to protect and serve. However, now we have the technology, such as video cameras, that can be used as evidence to hold people accountable for their actions. Although many times we find it is the outraged part of society that acknowledged the injustice holding them accountable rather than the court systems. As a Christian and an activist, I found the way Wallis corresponded the two together empowering. It is essential to know how one’s faith

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