Use Of User Generated Content And The News, And Wall And Zahed 's ( 2011 ) Article

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Jönsson and Örnrbring’s (2011) article “User-Generated Content and the News” and Wall and Zahed’s (2015) piece “Syrian Citizen Journalism” both use the concept of user-generated content (UGC) as an overall term to form their argument. Flew and Smith (2014) define UGC in their book “New Media” as follows: “The unpaid contributions of the users of a service, which often times constitutes the bulk of the content (over 90 percent in the case of YouTube)” (p. 277).
Despite of that fact that both articles draw from the overall topic of UGC, they differ in many aspects. Jönsson & Örebring (2011) survey the scope of reader participation of Swedish and English online newspapers to investigate the democratic potential and the degree of empowerment of citizens through contribution of readers of online newspapers. In contrast, Wall & Zahed (2015) examine the creation of news networks of ordinary citizens during the Syrian War. This citizens’ news networks were able to take over the role of traditional journalism in the country and were eventually recognized by established global networks for covering the events in Syria.
My essay compares and contrasts Jönsson & Örebring (2011) and Wall and Zahed (2015) articles to assess the degree of political power and influence citizens’ possess by making use of the concept of UGC. I argue that this concept (UGC) empowers Syrian citizens and give them a voice in the international sphere, while the influence of Swedish and English online newspaper…

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