Use Of Text Messages On Student Communication Skills Essay

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The use of text messages does not make students likely to perform well in formal writing. The text message is a new way of communication that is easy to use and mostly allow to share more ideas in few word. It is just a mean of communication. Most student who use test messages are aware that that kind of writing is only informal and they should not use it in a formal writing at school. The instructors should insist that student must respect the separation between the informal and formal writing. Rather than prevent them from using that technology. For now it is premature to allow student to use acronyms in their formal paper. But the question is for how long? In the case we have common used and acceptable acronyms, why not allow students to use them. I believe that with the presence of text messages technology in hand, the day where a professor from Harvard or Oxford or Yale University will publish the Dictionary of acronyms is around the corner. The most positive impact text message has on student communication skill is to allow them to go to the essential. To go to what is important in what they are trying to communicate and share.

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