Inventions Of Cell Phones During The 21st Century

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We live in a world occupied by new technology, developing every day that overwhelms intended consumers. Years ago, people had to write a message to talk with one another and many people sent the letter by pigeon, post, or messenger. Most people wanted change, to make communication easier. Therefore, they made some inventions for instance the telegraph, radio, telephone, as well as the newest phone. Cell phones are among the best examples linked with changes throughout technology these days. During the 21st century, the smart phone became an essential instrument with an everyday lifestyle. Human beings make use of smart cell phones in saving everything inside their daily lifestyle. There are wide and varied smart phone manufactures all around …show more content…
Smartphones have two functions; it can be communication device and computing device. When we use our smart phones, we can search plenty of information effortlessly and very easily. We can search information on the web everywhere and also anytime when using smart phones. Consequently, we can do our homework, and uncover some facts. Also, using smart phones to find information is significantly faster than using a computer or even a laptop. We won 't need to turn the actual computer on / off and we aren 't required to connect to the Internet. Also, we are capable of doing lots involving things together with smart cell phones. For instance, we can take pictures, create plans together with your friends or family, play app games, and listen to music. For utilizing Internet or additional things, we need only need our fingers. We only have to press the actual icon on the screen and then start to find information. There are tons of reasons why both the iPhone and Galaxy are the two top most popular phones right …show more content…
Apple always releases the different versions of the iPhones in the U.S. after they show there apple event every September debuting with a couple of carriers, making sure the carriers have the exclusivity with the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy is the most popular Android smartphone on the market. In the U.S., the non-contract price of the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 is approximately $599, unlike the iPhone 16GB which it cost $649 in stores. These numbers may look like a lot but in some parts of the world the 16GB model is going for $750. The Galaxy smartphone can come in a variety of different sizes depending on which galaxy phone you’re willing to

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