Essay on Use Of Cellphone And Social Media

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The Use of Cellphone and Social Media in the Workplace People are saying goodbye to paper and hardback books and hello to kindle, e-books, the internet, smartphones and social media. Small book stores are losing money due to customers purchasing todays hottest technology. In todays society, it appears that modern devices and digital conveniences are at our disposal making us less able to concentrate and are distractible. Is this hurting our minds and hindering our thoughts? I must say it’s making people lazier and they feel as if they can do things at the drop of a dime with technology. The use of cellphone and social media can be harmful, profitable, and small bookstores rely on social media and cellphones to expand their business by marketing. The rise of both cellphones and social media has taken the world by storm. With the mobile phone being the most widely used piece of technology in the world, it is said to be the most common of computers, media, and the internet. The cellphone seemed to have become popular over night with billions of people worldwide utilizing them. Social media on the other hand is widely used as well. Social media now has influence over the way people around the world get and share information. Over more than 60 percent of people make use of the internet around the world.
Usage of cellphones and social media at the work place has many pros and cons. The pros and cons of using the cellphone may be: it’s easy to communicate with clients and…

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