Use Of Cell Phone In Modern Society

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Cell Phone and Modern Society
Having a smartphone has been extremely useful for my everyday life. Without it I would not be able to easily organize and plan my day. I use it to have reminders of doctor appointments, exams, and when homework is due. Without my phone, I would be more likely to miss important due dates and events. My phone has replaced the expenses of devices I would buy throughout my life such as an alarm clock, navigation system, and camera. A smartphone is so compact and carries all the productive qualities I need in everyday life. However, have you ever wondered what your life would be like if cell phones did not exist? Nowadays the people around me are abusing their cell phone usage and making their lives revolve around it. Cell phones can be useful for many different things, but they can also generate countless problems. Cell phones can provide conveniences to our everyday lives. Without a cell phone, social interaction would feel impossible. We communicate with
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An example is losing touch with humanity. We become so caught up in our phones that we forget to acknowledge what is around us. Nowadays, when my friends are gathering together, their eyes are glued to their screens instead of paying attention to each other. Are our conversations really conversations when we don’t even look up? People are so into their cell phones that they lose touch with the world around them. My family and friends grew a dependency on their smartphones and would not be able to go without it for a week. Without it they would not know their work schedule, important dates of events, and how to contact people. Social media has also consumed our lives. We gain approval from society through the amount of friends we have or the number of likes we get on a picture or status update. But what are we really achieving out of this, is life really a popularity

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