Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication Essay examples

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Unit CU 2941
1.Be able to address the range of communication requirements in own role
Communication is the way we portray and process our thoughts. This could be through speech, messages, telephone, email, sign language, body language, facial expressions and all of which are equally as effective and nurtured to each recipient. Within our nursery setting we firstly communicate through posters and hand-outs (prospectuses) that you receive upon first entry of the nursery. We have a mission statement clearly written on the wall for people to read as they come in and a code of conduct for people to follow.
Within my job role as a room leader of a busy 2 –
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2. Be able to Improve communication systems and practices that promote positive outcomes for individuals

We currently have a child who has severe developmental delay. From liaising with other childcare professionals it was decided that visual clue cards would be beneficial for this child. We created these cards for every member of staff within the child’s learning environment to wear at all times and to use them to prompt the child to do desired things. The ‘toby’s’ as they are named, where pictures such as, a nappy for nappy changing time, a water bottle to indicate if he wanted a drink, his water bottle also had a picture of him on it as he could recognise himself but not the actual spelling of his name, a toothbrush to indicate teeth cleaning, a car that he generally always plays with and a yoghurt as it was the only thing he would eat. We also use visual timetables for all children that show the routine of the day so they know what’s happening now and what will happen next.
When we first implemented the Toby’s the child wasn’t very responsive and was still following his own agenda and struggling to follow routine. Through persevering he is now very responsive and will use the clue cards

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