Urban Ministry Center Helps The Homeless Essay

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Urban Ministry Center Helps the Homeless
Miski Jafe
Central Piedmont Community College

Urban Ministry Center Helps the Homeless
Homelessness is all around the world and homelessness is rapidly growing across the world. Poverty is the most common reason that most of the people have to face the miserable life of living without shelter. Millions of Americans are homeless, many American people had experience or dealt with the issue. Urban Ministry Center Helps the Homeless, the depredations of homelessness have a great influence on the importance of having a home for the well-being of the individuals and families. For many people, homelessness is either abstraction, a term which refers to a distant problem, or simply an annoyance. For the homeless themselves it is a question of surviving on a daily basis, a constant humiliation of flesh and spirit. The most important fact about these people is that they are people too. Statistics show that in Charlotte, North Carolina there are 2,014 homeless which is 20% of the total amount of the North Carolina (Urban Ministry Center, 2016). The percentage of homelessness has decreased due to the public and private assistance efforts, which focus on housing solutions. The Urban Ministry Center is a non-profit organization which addresses the needs of the poor and homeless with compassion and tangible help and aims to end homelessness by building houses for those who continually live in the street.
The Urban Ministry Center was…

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