Unplanned Pregnancy Essay

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This child is likely to develop medical problems later on that will influence his or her academic achievement. Will the child, say, a girl, who is born to a young mother eventually become pregnant as an adolescent herself? The cycle of young motherhood is bound to repeat itself unless intervention occurs to aid the depression that is so prevalent within unplanned pregnancy.
Unplanned pregnancies among teenage girls will likely never resolve, so with that in mind, what is the next step? What can be the focus in order that one is not concentrating on the elimination of unplanned pregnancies, which is impossible, but rather an improvement in the wellbeing of the mothers who go through this depression, anxiety, and stress? If a safe environment,
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She already feels unprepared, scared, inadequate, and stressed because of this new season quickly approaching. The goal here is not to condemn Grace for her irresponsible actions, but rather the goal is to make the best of this situation by relieving Grace of the effects of her trauma. When young girls begin to feel these emotions within an unplanned pregnancy, the automatic response is to shut down and deny reality while depression, stress, and anxiety take over. By showing Grace that there are resources out there to help her make it through this difficult season, she can begin to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Targeting the depression and stress within unplanned pregnancies can stop the fierce cycle of young motherhood. If this is done, the mother then becomes mentally, emotionally, and physically healthier. If she chooses to parent, she can care for her child in a better mental state. This, in turn, predicts better health for the baby as well. By utilizing the Lifeline Village Maternity Home, Grace will receive proper care during her pregnancy. She will thrive in receiving the emotional care she needs while simultaneously learning how to accept this season on her own as she lives away from her family. The birth parent counselor she will have will be able to counsel Grace through her depression and stress and will prepare her for placing her baby for adoption. IMPACT will teach Grace and her family good communication skills and will build trust and understanding between them during this difficult

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