Unme Jeans Case Study

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Margaret Foley is the brand manager for UnME Jeans. UnME jeans was “one of the most successful up-and coming players in the junior denim market.” Their name is derived from “you and me” to encourage teenagers and young women to be unique and individual. The brand also wants young women to break away from peer pressure; instead of falling into peer pressure they encourage accepting and appreciating different styles. Foley is faced with the challenge of expanding her marketing efforts into Web 2.0, which has rapidly grown and taken over most of the consumers’ media consumption.
After evaluating UnME Jeans’ current situation, there are some important items to consider. UnME jeans is a fashion trend leader and has positioned themselves through
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With continuing growth, this platform had 80 million active users in 2008 with 35% year-on-year growth. 61% of teens and 80% of young adults are on Facebook; this is where there a large number of users in UnME Jean’s target audience is present. On Facebook there is higher page per views per person as well as longer surf times than any other website categories. A large number of content is scanned in a minute and what is seen is controlled by each individual user, this means that there needs to be an emphasis on the creativity of ads so that it stands out. About 5,000 advertisement messages are seen by a user on a given day, but consumers only remember 1% to 3% of what they saw. Facebook does the best of all three platforms on focusing on consumer co-creation, social affiliation, digital self-expression and sharing. Although Facebook does not have stronger consumer co-creation than YouTube, it does allow for you to create your own or like a page and join groups about virtually anything on which you can contribute content and ideas. Facebook has the strongest social affiliation of the three platforms. Social affiliation is having virtual connections, which is one of Facebook’s biggest feature, being an online community. Being able to connect with friends and family as well as meet and connect with people all over the world is a successful program. Having ads that do not interrupt the user is key to success and can be done …show more content…
The brand is currently undergoing self-expression, which is what being on social media sites is all about; giving your opinion, sharing posts and creating content lines up with the brand’s position about being unique and respect other’s. UnME Jean’s advantages include of offering an individual experience for the one-of-a-kind customer, valuing each consumer’s unique identity and allowing consumers to express themselves. Even though both UnME Jeans and social media is about self-expression, in today’s social media environment, many people are afraid to express their thoughts and feelings. This is because of the negative reactions they may receive back or the thought of others not liking what that person is doing. Social media will allow the company to grow, which may lead them down the road to being a large brand; this for some will be a negative connotation because of some consumers feeling disconnected to the unique brand they originally felt connected

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