University Of Washington And I Am From Malaysia, A Multicultural Country

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I study in University of Washington and I am from Malaysia, a multicultural country. Over the past four years of being away from home, I have grown and improved a lot. I learn empathy through my brother’s depression. It is hard to be there for him due to the distance between us but I am always glad to help my friends to overcome depressing situations. In addition, coming from a multicultural country, I am fluent in English, Malay, Mandarin, and Cantonese. I may be an atheist, but also enjoy learning and understanding religions, like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. Till now, I am still learning new cultures and religions. I wish to clear misunderstandings of cultures and religions promote mutual understanding amongst the world and mitigate racism. Therefore, based on my beliefs and life experiences, I believe I can add diversity to the University of California – Santa Barbara (UCSB)’s community.
My brother was battling with depression alone until the past three years. He hid it from the family. He lost his scholarship to pursue Chemistry. My limited income family needs to support his medication and college. The burden is not light. However, I was awarded Malaysian Public Service Department to pursue Physics in UW with just sufficient stipend. I was sad for what had happened to my brother but T still did my very best and was awarded various scholarships to support my finance in UW. It was hard to help him because of the distance. Initially, I did not have the patience to…

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