University Hospital At A Hospital Essay

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University Hospital I just completed my first year at my current hospital, University Hospital located in Newark, New Jersey. I would say, however, that even in such short time, I have witnessed that the hospital has lived up to its mission “to improve the quality of life for all those we touch through excellence in patient care, education, research, and community service” (University Hospital, 2016). The numerous services provided by University Hospital to the immediate community of Newark and beyond to the surrounding communities, demonstrate that the hospital is a microcosm of a standalone medical center. Not only does the hospital provide general medical services, but also has many specialties that meet the needs and demands of the population at large. In addition to caring for the sick, University Hospital is also a teaching institution that provides “clinical experience for medical students through affiliation” (NDC, 2007) with Rutgers University School of Medicine. Furthermore, the hospital’s vision “to create the best possible environment for our patients to heal, our physicians to practice and our employees to work” (University Hospital, 2016) attests to the hospital’s goal as expressed in its Credo “One Goal, One Passion, Every Patient, Every Time” (University Hospital, 2016). In a few words, the hospital pledges its commitment not only to the patients and the community but also to its workers as well. Thus, I feel inspired and appreciate that the…

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