Essay about Universally Wrong

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Dionne Harris
SOC120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility (ACG1318A)
Instructor: David Jung
May 13, 2013

The idea of what is moral has been a debated question for many years. With all the different cultures and beliefs in the world, there is no real understanding of what should be considered wrong as a whole. In the article “Some Moral Minima”, Lenn Goodman argues that there are a number of areas that he considers morally wrong for the universe. My belief is that there are areas such as murder, rape, terrorism and physical abuse that are just wrong period; however in certain circumstances those areas may be justified. In the article Goodman states that everyone should be free to live without being
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This form of murder is just wrong period. After 911 many people began to become prejudice against Muslims because of al Qaeda. If someone decided to act on that hatred we could see genocide and, many innocent Muslims would die because of their faith. Sadly genocide was evident when some students at the columbine shooting were killed for being Christians.
Genocide coincides with another area I believe is wrong and that is terrorism. Goodman stated that terrorism is the act of willfully targeting non-combatants aiming to intimidate and attract attention (Goodman 2010). Terrorist groups such as al Qaeda will do anything including kill themselves for their cause. During the ongoing war in Iraq and Afghanistan we have seen many people killed to prove a point. There were many terrorist that captured tortured and even beheaded people to invoke a sense of control over another group of people. Terrorism does not always have to being international, there are many groups such as the kkk who terrorized and killed African Americans for years. No one who was born in this world got a say in their race so why does someone think they have the right to declare one race better. Children are being raised as terrorist simply because they can be easily programed. When children are little they are ignorant and if someone feeds you information your

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