Universal Constructs And The Characteristics Of Effective Instruction

This class has caused me to think about what it really means to be an educator and what I want to achieve as one. I have gained ideas on not just the physical atmosphere of my future classroom, but on the educational atmosphere as well. I can attribute these ideas to the observations and to the readings I conducted for this class. The teachers I observed were helpful and were happy to answer any questions I had. The readings about the Universal Constructs and the Characteristics of Effective Instruction will help me to develop an effective teaching style.
My major takeaways from the course can be attributed to what I saw in my observations and what I read in the articles concerning Universal Constructs and the Characteristics of Effective Instruction.
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I especially want to remember the acronym START. From what I saw in my observations, these characteristics are an effective way to teach students because they allow students to learn in different ways but still obtain the same knowledge. I watched many teachers use a rigorous curriculum and student-centered classroom. However, I want to successfully incorporate all of the characteristics in my future classroom. I want my students to have some control over how they learn by being actively involved in my classroom. As a teacher, I will teach for understanding by asking my students to think deeper about the content and I will allow my students to conduct self-evaluations to fulfill the assessments for learning characteristic. Rigorous and relevant curriculum will be accomplished with real world examples while I accommodating to different students and their different ways of learning to fulfill the characteristic of teaching for learner differences. I also want to remember the Universal Constructs since they are important for a student’s success. I do not want to just lecture at students, but allow them to be creative and collaborate in their thinking. I want to incorporate critical thinking and allow for complex communication. Hopefully, in doing this, my students will be productive and be flexible in my classroom. Although most of what I observed in the classrooms was good, I …show more content…
I watched many students learn in many different ways. I saw many successful students and also students who need a slightly larger push in the direction of success. I believe that with the information I have gathered in this class, I can help my students achieve great things. There are some Universal Constructs I still need to work on such as my flexibility and adaptability. Once something goes wrong, I get upset and it takes me a long time to adjust to it. I strive to be more flexible by the time I have my own classroom. My students need to see me calm and collected, even if something goes drastically wrong. I will try and develop my critical thinking and complex communication in my next few years at Iowa State. I can develop critical thinking by reflecting on my thinking while completing homework. Also, I am working on a complex communication project in one of my other courses this semester, so I am progressing in that construct. I have always considered myself a creative person, whether that be through writing songs or writing stories. I hope I can keep developing my creativity throughout my future coursework here at Iowa State. I also need to think more about how I can incorporate the Characteristics of Effective Instruction in my classes. I need to brainstorm ideas on how to make my classroom student-centered but still keep it under control. When I get to more advanced

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