United States Immigration Policy Analysis

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While the enforcement of immigration is a U.S. priority, the policy does not stay true to its words of keeping undesirable people out while encouraging immigration from desirable ones. While many people have a difference of opinion on immigration reform based on information, we have seen or heard about in the news or newspaper articles. That we do or do not agree. For years, there has always been the question of why certain immigrate can get here and others are not. Does the border do its job of keeping immigrates out that should not be here?

We ask ourselves who enforces the immigration policy. Our government cannot do it alone, so they have a branch of the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) called ICE (Immigration and Customs
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It is the job of knowing different countries and what they do. They know of gangs and such that could if any come here hurt us and can warn us what to look for and who not to approach for any reason. It is those jobs that keep the policy in place. “The border only covers 700 miles of the 1,933 miles of the southern border. Politicians choose to ignore the almost 4,000 miles of the northern border and the almost 12,500 miles of the coastline. (No Border Wall).” Though DHS patrols those areas, their statistics show the border as not brought any decrease in the number of illegal …show more content…
DHS (Department of Homeland Security) wanted to protect better us, so they made the largest investigative arm of the DHS, and that was ICE. But in 2014 President Obama changed the United States policy in November 2014 that protects 87% of undocumented immigrates with a “Degree of Protection” from deportation. On July 1st, Kathryn Steinle was fatally shot by, and Mexican immigrates in San Francisco the sheriff’s released him without federal agents being notified. When the policy President Obama had put into place gang members, felons, national security threats, and even recent border crossers were put into police custody. The police were to notify federal agents right away to cut down on the violence that they bring over to our country. “According to the reports 690,000 unauthorized immigrants who are convicted of a felony or series of serious misdemeanors; about 640,000 who entered the country illegally since Jan. 1, 2014; and about 60,000 fugitives who failed to comply with a deportation order from immigration court were all considered priorities for enforcement agents." (NYTimes,

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