Cause And Effect Essay On 9/11

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The United States of America is an economic, technological, and military powerhouse in the world. Many countries have accepted the fact that we are one of the most powerful nations on this planet, and generally should be feared when acts of war are committed against us. This has allowed citizens for so long to be able to live in peace and harmony. However, on a fateful day in September of 2001, this beautiful nation was relentlessly attacked and sent the entire country into a doleful state. At 8:46 A.M. on a sunny fall morning, American Airlines flight 11 crashed into floors 93-99 of the North World Trade Center building. This killed every passenger inside the plane, hundreds in the building on impact, and many more throughout the next abhorrent …show more content…
Before the attacks on September of 2001. People did not have to worry about showing up to the airport thirty minutes before their flight is scheduled to leave. Nowadays if someone is to show up two hours before their flight, they will stress about possibly missing the takeoff. How did this change even happen? The simple answer is, 9/11 happened. Before the attacks you could pass through security with a drink in your hand, shoes on your feet, and you didn 't even have to show an ID. Some airports would even let you pass through with pocket knives, lighters, or box cutters (the weapon used by the hijackers). Today if someone even has loose change in their pocket, they are stopped, patted down, and forced to show the loose change any any other contents that may be presiding in their pockets. The lines sometimes can take hours to pass through; for example in Chicago. Passengers sometimes have to wait in TSA (Transportation Security Administration) lines that can reach up to a mile

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