Unitecloud Research Paper

UniteCloud “provides education and actionable steps to resolve tension and restore dignity to all St. Cloud, MN area people” (UniteCloud handout). They educate others by telling their personal stories, they have a blog, Facebook, Twitter, and they also make radio and TV appearances. UniteCloud promotes getting to know your neighbors, and to not assume misinformation and stereotypes. “You don’t have to agree with your neighbor’s lifestyle to promote a culture of respect. You don’t have to agree on anything to be kind. Our commonality is based in our humanness. Take time to look them in the eye, learn their story, and see how much we all hold in common” (Unitecloud.org).
I chose to read the article titled, “Write them on the tablet of your heart”
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Once 9/11 happened not only was there sadness and fear, many people became more closed off to those that who were not American. There was one quote that really stood out to me, “I again think of the thousands of lives lost. Black and White; Italian and Indian; Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist. Custodians, Vice Presidents. First Responders. Heterosexual. Homosexual. Transsexual. What did any of that matter, really?” (Unitecloud.org). I understand how simple this statement is to grasp, but many people don’t think about the type of people that’s lives were lost; but many U.S. citizens still think about just the terrorists and where they came from. At the end of the article Catherine shared that 9/11 is a “holy day” for her, and it reminds her that she is “a part of the human race, that I am willing to grieve for those I’ve never met, to allow grief to re-ignite my own humanity, to keep my heart painfully open, and to never forget that hatred is a vile and murderous emotion that will never triumph over love” (Unitecloud.org). We all need to show empathy to the lives that were lost during 9/11 and all of the lives that were affected by the tragedy. We are all sharing the same country and planet, we need to stop continuing to listen to and believe the many stereotypes and use correct information when getting to know other communities. We need to start showing …show more content…
People need to realize that the attacks had nothing to do with religion or where they are from, but that they weren’t good people and it shouldn’t be associated with their religion. Muslims or “non-Americans” have been marginalized which means, that they have been socially excluded (5 Faces of Oppression). They may also feel powerless, this means that they “lack authority or power even in this mediated sense, those over whom power is exercised without their exercising it..” (5 Faces of Oppression). The articles “Complexity of Identity” and “Identities and Social Locations”, talked about the types of structural inequality, these are: using the dominant group’s characteristics, values, and features as the neutral standard, using terms that identify the dominant group, stereotyping, and the two types of appropriation, eroticizing and romanticizing. I believe that stereotypes and terms used to identify the subordinate group from the dominant group were used greatly after 9/11, I was in Kindergarten when the attacks happened; and I still hear people say that all Muslims are

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