Unit 9-Values and Planning P1-P5 Essay

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All health and social care sectors have to follow principles and values, principles explain to people what the right way to behave is, whereas values are based on what beliefs are important to the person and what they believe to be right and wrong for themselves as an individual. There are many principles and values such as empowerment, choice, rights, respect and confidentiality.
Empowerment of individuals is important when planning care as this is the way in which a health or social care worker will encourage an individual to make decisions and take control of their own life. Empowerment is a process that builds a person's self-esteem and confidence in their ability to make decisions. This can also be linked to promotion of
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One piece of legislation that could be used when planning support for an individual is the data protection act 1998. This is act can be used when planning support for an individual because it ensures that each individual has their choices considered and that organisations have a duty to protect them from harm which includes self-harm. It also ensures that confidential information is only passed on to the relevant people and only if there is a risk of harm. Also, it ensures that the person files and information wouldn’t be left around for people see. This would make planning support easier as the individual would like anything told to the care workers would be kept safe and confidential.

Health and social care organisations will have set policies which promote equal opportunities, these policies will help organisations value the individuals who are receiving care. One policy used when planning support for an individual is a risk assessment, risk assessments are looking at activities and considering problems which may arise can things that may go wrong. Healthy Working Lives (2012) states that “Then care workers would be able to decide what measures to take to prevent injury or damage and reduce or eliminate all risks”. For example if a service user in a care home becomes violent against service users when they are loud this may be a risk to the other

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