Unit 5 Maintaining quality standards in the health sector Essay

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Unit 5: Maintaining quality standards in the health sector

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Section 1: Know how legislation, policies and procedures determine quality standards of
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I learn from my colleagues and they learn from me

2. Using your job role (or one that you are familiar with) can you identify at least 2 examples of when to seek help from others? One example should refer specifically to dealing with poor standards.
When to seek help from others
A phone call from medical fellow calling the reception desk and then proceeding to discuss the patient’s medical problem, for advice, because the patient needs to be seen ASAP.

Straight away. I am not medically trained so I will need to find someone who will be able to help.
A change in company policy and/or procedure

As soon as possible.

3. In your job role (or one that you know well), why is it important that you seek help and report issues to others? State your answer below.
There are tasks that require actions I am not skilled, possess limited knowledge and/or have little or no authority to undertake. Reporting the issues and asking for help, keeps everybody up-to-date about the problems, so that any issues can be resolved quickly. Also, it may slow up the process of the business, making it difficult to provide an efficient service for the users, if issues are not reported. By asking for help I am showing my competence, in that I am showing that I am aware of my limitations.

4. In your job role (or one that you know well), who do you learn from? Can you describe the benefits of learning from them?
Everyone is kept

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