unit 40 Essay

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Unit 40 assignment 2

Case study
Amy has dementia and lives in a residential home. In the mornings Amy has always been able to get out of bed and get dressed with some minimal support and then walk independently down to the dining area where she has chosen to have breakfast. Over the past week Amy has been staying in bed longer and longer; she is reluctant to get up in the morning and does not do very much for herself when getting dressed. Her mobility has reduced also and she has started to get pressure sores. Amy’s appetite has also become very poor and she usually only eats a few spoonful’s of her food. When carers encourage her to eat more she refuses.

The Human Rights act
The human rights act is there to protect people,
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This could just be by taking the service user for a walk to the park on a nice day with one of their friends. Giving them the chance to get some fresh air and interact with friends. Acting in the best interest of the individual. This could be just by when you do take them for a walk by making sure you use a pedestrian crossing rather than just crossing the road because there are no cars coming down the road. This links into the case study with Amy for because in the case study it says ‘she is reluctant to get to get up in the morning and does not do very much for herself when getting dressed.’ As well as promoting her independence, when giving her the opportunity to interact with friends and family your giving her a reason to want to get up in the morning.

The job role of a care worker is mainly working within a team and not as an individual. For example if a service user has 3 or 4 different care workers throughout the day, the care workers would communicate in a diary by saying when the service user has had their breakfast and what time they took their medication. They may also promote their independence by using a tablet box. This would work because in the diary the first care worker could say ‘Ann took her first tablet at 9 o’clock, she is next due to take her tablet 4 hours later which will be 1 o’clock, give her the tablet box and tell her she needs to take tablet 2’. By doing this you’re giving Amy as the service user independence to take the

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