Essay about Unit 4 Promoting Health Education P1

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Throughout this coursework I will be writing about different life-stages of my chosen celebrity. My chosen celebrity is Michael Jackson. I will start with physical development and go through intellectual, emotional and social developments.

Physical development
At around THE AGE OF 3 months time baby Michael will be able to sit supported by their carers. This develops up to the age of 6 months the where the infant will be able to sit unsupported for a few minutes, turn their head and roll over. At about 9 months the infant will be able to sit for about 10 minutes, and roll and crawl around. At the age of 1, Michael will be to sit unsupported and go to a sitting position by himself. He will also be able to crawl
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For example, if the carer says “mommy MAMA”, the infant will repeat the carer and say “mommy MAMA”. At around the age of 2 Michael will be able to put two words together and make a two word speech. At the age of 3 children will start to make sentences to communicate with their parents. For example they can say “I want to go out” but their sentences might be hard to understand. At the age of 5 and above, children will be able to make clear sentences which could be understood by anyone and use adult grammar.

Infancy and childhood
At birth babies are born with senses. They will only be able to sense different objects. Babies are also born with reflexes. These reflexes will help to feed, for example, sucking reflexes to feed them self. These reflexes will lead to “motor actions” which controls the baby’s body muscles automatically. At this stage the babies thinking will be limited. Piaget states that babies will not be able to memories and think about the world until they are 18 months old. At the age of 2 Piaget believes that children will not be able to think logically, however the children will be able to make noises or use words to communicate but they still won’t understand it logically. At around the age of 5 children will be able to start thinking logically. Children will also understand different concepts. For example, the concept of colors, numbers and sizes. The child will also start

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