Unit 11 P1 Essay

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This assignment will describe the forms of abuse which may be experienced by adults; describing indicators that abuse may be happening to adults. It will then look at factors that may lead to abusive situations and assess the possible immediate effects of two different forms of abuse. The abuse that will be specifically looked at will be sexual and financial abuse, further extending by evaluating the potential long term effects of the two types of abuse.
Abuse is a violation of a person’s civil and human rights. There are different types of abuse and they all set out to intentionally or unintentionally put a person at risk and cause harm. An individual may not disclose that the abuse is taking place due to fear, being aware of
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Victims of abuse may also try to take control of their body due to the abuse which can cause them to self-harm or have eating disorders which can be a sign that sexual abuse may be taking place. In some cases, victims may even have suicidal thoughts and suffer with their mental health which could be a warning sign along with other factors that sexual abuse is taking place.
Institutional abuse takes place within settings and services that vulnerable adults live in or use. It is mistreatment, abuse and neglect by a regime and violates a person’s dignity and physical, social, intellectual and emotional development. Institutional abuse may include organisations and staff members carrying out acts which abuse their power such as; not offering service user’s choice or promoting independence. No choice regarding meals or setting times meals times at inappropriate times. Having a lack of appropriate equipment specific to resident’s needs. Waking and sending residents to bed to suit staff which do not take account of personal needs and preferences. Discouraging residents relatives and family to visit and be involved in the vulnerable person’s care.
Indicators of institutional abuse may be taking place can include, breaching client’s confidentiality by discussing confidential matters with unauthorised personnel’s. Residents appearing malnourished or dehydrated due to lack of food and fluids. Poor standards of care

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