Unions And Its Effect On Society Essay

700 Words Jan 4th, 2016 3 Pages
When the employees of a company come together and form a group to protect their rights and interest as workers, they form a union. Unions form an organized option to help employees create fairness and respect for all of the individuals in the company. A labor union will also sanction for all working class promotions and compensation to be equal among all staff. Belonging to a union will remove individuality and creativity, as all members of the staff are treated the same. Those who have been employed the longest will be promoted and no matter how hard one works the pay increases will be the same across the board. In earlier times, employees of certain companies had less than ideal work conditions and unfair pay for their duties performed. In some cases, employees were forced to work more than eight hours a day without proper compensation or added benefits. Unions have brought about positive change in today’s working society, however it is a becoming a rare necessity as time has evolved. Although unions have made headway for many workers in earlier years, unions are no longer necessary as they limit individuals and their abilities to be unique, creative by accepting a one size fits all thought process of their workforce. Foremost, when worker belong to a union it has the strong potential to limit individuals to perform to their maximum capability. When all employees are treated and paid the same it will cause high performing individuals to either leave the company or…

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