Should The Uk Leave The EU Case Study

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The UK has been a part of the European Union since 1993, but is it time for the partnership to come to an end? The EU was created on November 1, 1993, and was created to end all of the wars with the neighboring countries. In order to try to end the wars, the EU was formed to be a single market which permits people and goods to freely move within the partnered countries. England has to consider all of the reasons why they should stay in the EU, why they should leave, and it would look like if they followed Norway or Switzerland’s economic system.
UK should stay in the EU because of the trade, Think Tank Open Europe, jobs that may be lost if they leave. All the countries in the EU currently have no tariffs on imports neither exports between any
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While the UK is part of the union they must follow all of the trading agreements put in place with the other 27 countries (Alex Huntt 3), but if they leave they will be allowed to establish their own agreements. England has said that they would regain their fishing rights around their coast as soon as they can because that would allow them to gain back some of the money that may lose due to the larger companies trading only within the EU. The Barclays have tried to put the worst case scenario in place and all they could find was that if one of the most powerful countries in the EU leaves it would end up providing the anti-EU countries a boost in their finances because of large companies looking for new trading partners in order to get out of the argument, which is called the Pandora’s Box. Also, while England is in the European Union they must leave their borders open and they are not allowed to check nor control people. The Pro-Brexit has said that if they become part of other unions they will be able to gain control of borders according to UK politics news and Colonel Richard Kemp mentioned that “failure to close the border increases the terrorist threat here, which endangers our people and is a betrayal to this country.” If England leaves the European Union it would be allowed to change anything and everything it would like to, and they could become like many other countries with …show more content…
Norway left the EU, but joined the European Economic Area which gave the country access to a single market but did not have to follow the EU trading rules. Switzerland is not part of the European Union, but creates trade treaties on a regular basis. Lastly, the UK has created a few of their own options like creating a Free Trade Agreement; this agreement could look like the Swiss model, but could have more impact on the trade rules and agreements. The problem with England trying to make this agreement is most countries like France and Germany will not want them to people able to pick and choose which rules they want to follow and don’t want to follow. Norway and Switzerland have to follow a few of the EU rules and must pay to have access to the single market, but England could still have an agreement like those two countries. The UK also has the option of completely breaking away from the European Union and rely on trade agreements with other countries. If the UK tries to make a clean break they will most likely have tariffs on all of their exports and would have to meet all of the production standards that were originally set for the EU. England has several options to choose from if they would like to partially or completely leave the

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