Ungar, M. (2010). Families as navigators and negotiators: Facilitating

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Running Head: Families as navigators and negotiators

Assignment #1: Article Critique
Ungar, M. (2010). Families as navigators and negotiators: Facilitating culturally and contextually specific expressions of resilience. Family Process,
49(3), 421-435.


Families as navigators and negotiators 1

I.Reading-Main Points

The focus of the Ungar article “Families as Navigators and Negotiators: Facilitating Culturally and Contextually Specific Expressions of Resilience” (2010), is on Psychological resilience on both the individual and family level. Resilience by definition is the ability to become
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The suprasystem of community plays a huge role in fostering resilience. In this study community initially played a negative role in Richard’s life. The community in which Richard found himself immersed did not provide him with: availability of social organizations that provided an array of resources to him; the consistent expression of social norms that constituted desirable behavior were contrary to his cultural and ethnic background and opportunities for him to participate in the life of the community as a valued member did not exist (Benard, 1991). The presence of social organizations that provide healthy human development catered to a sense of community that Richard did not feel that he fit in to. The community services provided were not used since those extra resources did not meet the basic needs of Richard and his family.

The focal system of the family while holding high expectations for their children, did not create an environment that fostered resilience due to its lack of structure and active participation especially in Richard’s life. The strong relationship with an adult, in this case a parent, did not exist and this lack of relationship helped to increase family discord. Instead of reducing stress and increasing positive outcomes the lack of support within the family actually negatively impacted Richard’s resilience.

In the case of Richard, the

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