Unfairness Essay: Is Life Unfair In The World

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Is life really unfair? Is failure because of life itself or the lack of effort from a person? Some people are born into rich families while others are stuck in poor families. Some people are given everything they want while others are told they can’t have anything. People tell themselves that life wants them to fail, and no matter how hard they try, they are never going to succeed. This is somewhat true. Although many people choose to believe that the world is great and everyone should be treated equally, the world does not function the way they want it to. The world is full of misfortunes such as crime, disease, segregation and corruption. Each person has their own meanings of fair and unfair. Some people think that fairness is being very …show more content…
When people define fairness there are usually two types of people. Person 1 usually thinks that fairness is when they become very successful and make a lot of money. I think that these people are very selfish because they only look at fairness as something that will help them. To this group of people, unfairness is anything that does not benefit them in any way. This group would think it would be unfair if they did not win the lottery. Although there are these type of people in the world, there is also person 2 who think of fairness as something that benefits everyone. This person thinks that it is considered fair if they have food and shelter for themselves and their family. They would think that it is unfair if a person were treated badly for something they did not deserve. I agree with this type of person because their interpretation of fairness helps more than just themselves. My interpretation of fair is when you get what you deserve. If someone works hard for something, then they should be compensated for that. For example, men and women who serve in the United States military should be overly compensated for their hard work and loyalty towards our country. Although they should be, many come home to find that they are not any more respected than they were when they left. This can also be looked at as if someone was to do something bad, then it is only fair that something bad happen to them. But, because life is unfair, many people who work hard their whole life do not get the compensation they deserve and the people who do bad things and do not get punished. This world is full of unfair situations. Everyone will face them, but not everyone will overcome

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