Unfair Treatment Of The Healthcare System Essay

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Unfair Treatment in the Healthcare system In the world today millions of people around the world are not being treated fairly, not only from the issue ranging from the Michael Brown and Eric Garner tragedies, but from racial, gender and financial profiling of those persons who have to deal with the healthcare system on a daily basis. In the health care system everyday millions of people aren 't treated fairly, it could be from the unfair treatment and service because of their ethnicity, culture, gender or financial status. That’s what a person calls discrimination. Discrimination, as defined in the American Heritage Dictionary (1992), is "Making a difference in treatment or favor on a class or categorical basis while disregarding individual merit; (2) acting on the basis of prejudice; and (3) the denial of equal opportunity (i.e. for education, employment, promotions, loans, housing, and health care)". (American nurses Association).
When a person thinks of discrimination they might think back to the times of slavery, segregation and just recently within the last couple of decade’s lesbian and gay issues as well. For example lesbian and gay couples being able to marry and gain the rights like heterosexual couples of being recognized as a spouse for insurance purposes or even for those couple to be able to have the right to get married. Also the most recognized form of discrimination is African Americans and the civil rights movement and how they fought for future…

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