Essay on Unethical Productive Employee Unethical Employees

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Unethical Productive Employee

There are many companies that help to increase our money, but the problem is which companies can we trust. There are ways customers can lose their money and it is hard for them to lose their profits, so we have to study carefully before we invest in any company. However, there are ways some employees will use bribery to gain more profits and will give unethical advice or information about the business to close deals and sign contracts. Have you ever worked with an unethical productive employee when you are in a hurry? What should we do to reduce or terminate unethical productive employees? Customers should not make a deal with employees who use bribery, therefore; companies should find ways to prevent this from happening.

There are various ways to deter workers who use bribery. One of them is to ask why workers try to take bribes. If they answer, because our salary is not enough, then the owner might want to improve their salary to help quite this bad habit. For example, when employees have a high salary, they do not have to accept briberies even though it might be a large sum. Unless companies increase their salary or terminate those workers that use bribery, they should appoint an employee to blow the whistle between workers. For example, when an employee sees his workmate trying to make a problem or complicate customer’s transactions, he has to tell the manager about his workmate. The question to ask is will blowing the whistle will help us…

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