Revenge Of The Cube Dweller Summary

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Revenge of the Cube Dweller Book Report Revenge of the Cube Dweller by Joanne Fox Phillips presents a story of corporate fraud, cover-up, and manipulation. In the text, Tanzie Lewis exposes the crimes she has committed in the past. However, the major question remains if she has learned any lessons from the dirty dealings that she was a part of. The presented analysis outlines a book report on Phillips work.
Fraudster’s Fraud Triangle Elements
The desire to achieve self-gains is one of the factors that drive the actions of a fraudster who engages in corporate fraud. Financial strain is also a major motive concerning the presented unethical behavior in the workplace. Evidently, fraud can lead one to amass a large amount of finances
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The major excuse, which drives the actions of the fraudsters, is financial strain. The fact that fraud leads to a massive financial gain within a limited period of time provides the needed support for people to engage in such activities. Corporate fraud can be avoided through scheduled internal audits, which monitor the financial activities of a firm aimed at unveiling any unsupported and suspicious activities.
The events unfolding in Phillips work is highly plausible. Evidently, Tanzie is motivated towards making things right by confessing the wrongs she did that resulted in the collapse of her previous company. Additionally, the fact that she engages in a series of investigations is also plausible since she already has the skills of an internal auditor. She can easily uncover any form of corporate fraud to prevent past instances from recurring.
State of Corporate governance and effect on the plot Corporate governance has a strong role to play in the financial instruments. However, in the book, the state of corporate governance is considered to be a total failure. Evidently, the problem of corporate fraud seems to be on the rise in the book with no internal auditors set to investigate such cases. Phillips indicates that the instances of corporate fraud characterized by high manipulation and cover-up enraged

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