Unethical Language At The Workplace Essay

2055 Words Dec 5th, 2016 9 Pages
The modern workplace offers many opportunities for communications between employees. In addition to face-to-face conversations, there is email, telephone, and text messaging. In recent times, it is becoming common for workers to use unprofessional language in their communications with each other. Unprofessional language is using language that is not expected nor appropriate in a workplace by an employee creating an uncomfortable and sometimes hostile environment. Unprofessional language comes in many forms from bullying to gossiping and all other language of disrespect towards one another. Cases of unprofessional language at work can be proven to have negative effects for the employees involved and for the work environment. By learning how to coach employees and prevent unprofessional language, a better workplace will be created. Unprofessional language used in the workplace comprises a healthy, positive, and productive work environment.
In the contemporary workplace, it is becoming common to use foul language during meetings and interactions with other people which creates a negative and unproductive work environment. Foul language is used more often at work. It can be often heard such phrases as, “this work isn 't worth a shit!" and "he 's an asshole to work with!” (Richards 96). Studies have shown that most people agree that they have noticed that more people seem to be swearing at work and that the foul language and vulgarity is on the rise. These people have…

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